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Lake Hills de Taal

Situated amidst the dense greenery of Tagaytay. The resort situated on top of quaint villages and fields, rising above the misty clouds that surrounds the ridges. Overlooking the valley beyond, Lake Hills de Taal has the perfect blend of luxurious service to be pampered with also to get closer to the nature through nature walks and other adventurous activites.

Lake Hills de Taal will operate on a simple yet powerful philosophy of hospitality from warm, caring people. With its lifestyle hubs that reshape living, dining and shopping experiences, it is truly a dynamic destination for contemporary lifestyle and accessible luxury.

Lake Hills Club Hotel


Unparalled luxury. The Nolascus offers an outstanding level of luxury elegance featuring a spacious accomodations with stunning views.

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Luxurious bedrooms with spectacular views. The light and refined decor in Nolascus showcase a welcoming, summery feel, perfect for a carefree leisure lifestyle.

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Contemporary luxury with sweeping city views. The Karl offers accomodations with additional space and contemporary comforts, along with exceptional views.

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Spacious comfort with stylish interiors. Keane is well-appointed and spacious, with elegant contemporary decor in light hues coupled with panoramic views.

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Lake Hills de Taal presents an array of rewarding fitness facilities, event areas, and multiple options to wind down after a long day.

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